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Just a quick post today. Check out this song (and video) Agora from Bear Hands. It’s fun and funny and who doesn’t love fun and funny?

Til next time, stay weird.

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Don’t Panic!


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Let’s keep this simple: you either like Panic! at the Disco, or you don’t. But if you’re on the fence, maybe this might sway you. Have you seen the video for This is Gospel? It’s kind of awesome. Not to mention that I absolutely love this song for all the reasons someone could love a song. Feast your eyes (and ears!):

This gem comes off their album Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! which also has the very fun Miss Jackson (feat. LOLO) track. The album is solid, fun, energetic and definitely worth a listen all the way through. I found the urge to dance and wiggle throughout virtually irresistible, but hey, maybe that’s just me.

Another gem off the album, which I admittedly played on repeat, is The End of All Things. It’s simply a bittersweet ballad of beautiful:

And if you want to start off your week with a touch of risque, check out the video for Girls/Girls/Boys. But you might want watch this one at home…

‘Til next time, keep it sexy, everybody.

Don’t Think of Her. Go Get Some Exercise


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emperor x

Lyrics, good lyrics (meaning: quirky, funny, thought-provoking, etc.), can make me fall in love with a song almost instantly. It’s one of the reasons The Front Bottoms are one of my favorite bands. If you’re into that sort of thing, ERICA WESTERN TELEPORT by EMPEROR X should be right up your alley. The lyrics are so catchy, they’re practically guaranteed to bore into your brain and make a permanent home there.

Basically this song is about a guy who finds some girl’s agenda and becomes obsessed. He then starts imagining her doing various things, such as swimming sideways, yelling at commuters, and studying for the LSATs. It’s pretty great. Check it out:

If you have a listen and find yourself slightly addicted, follow the link above for a free download. Who doesn’t love free music? Yay!

GHOST WITH A BONER by DIARRHEA PLANET is my favorite song this August


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Diarrhea Planet have a great name.

They have four guitarists.

They rock.

Ghost With a Boner is a fun song, with wonderful lyrics, and a great surf rock riff from their EP Aloha.

I can’t stop wanting to sing it.

Here’s a pretty great video of them playing with a crowd.

Diarrhea Planet is playing here in Gainesville, at the High Dive on September 9th and I for one cannot wait.

Alt-J (∆) is An Awesome Wave Indeed!


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I’ve been waiting for this moment for about a year now. Yes, I just found out Alt-J (∆) is releasing a new album on September 22 and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED! And you know what? You should be too. A quick preview of the album shows it has all the potential to be just as great as their first. To help you get excited, let me share with you the awesomeness that is Alt-J’s debut album, An Awesome Wave.


You might actually know these guys from their song, Fitzpleasure. A snippet of this tune was on a commercial (I think for Verizon?) which amped their popularity. Or at least I think it did? I just know I started hearing that song in unexpected places. In any case, if you haven’t heard any of Alt-J’s stuff, then buddy, you’re missing out! An Awesome Wave is incredibly solid, unique, and downright enjoyable to listen to. There isn’t a single track I disliked. Even the interlude tracks are great. Hands down, it is one of my all time favorite albums. Hence, all the excitement for the new one, This is All Yours.

Real quick: In case you’re wondering about their name, the alt-j command on a Mac word doc will make a delta sign like this, ∆. If you’ve got a Mac, go ahead and give it a try. I’ll wait.

So who are these guys and why do I love them so much? Alt-J really has this truly unique and incredibly captivating sound that can be kind of hard to explain. They skillfully blend an eclectic mix of sounds into something that buzzes with intrigue. It’s got a bit of everything from strangely different vocals to semi-classical instrumentals to modern, synthy beats. In the end, you’ve got this titillating music that’s somehow both refreshingly new, yet hauntingly familiar. It’s instantly addictive; the kind of music that you obsess over. The album has an almost seamless progression between deliciously up-beat, pulsing tracks like Fitzpleasure, and ones that, for lack of a better term, are “excitingly mellow.” What’s excitingly mellow? Check out Something Good to see what I mean.

The band also puts out some pretty cool music videos. The one for Breezeblocks is my favorite and totally worth watching. It tells a story backwards, and… No, I won’t spoil it. Ok, maybe a little. See, the thing about telling a story backwards is that the information you receive at the end actually changes the beginning, and therefore, the whole story. I’m sure you can see how that’s just dripping with dramatic narrative potential. Oh, yes, and the song itself is pretty great, so that helps too. Here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure:

Are you ready to take a dive into An Awesome Wave yet? Here are a couple more tracks to get your feet wet. Come on in. the water’s great!

So, are you addicted yet? In case you missed it before, you can listen to the full album here. More importantly, now, you can join me in excited anticipation for their new album, This is All Yours. You bet your muffins, it shall be mine indeed! If the excitement is just bubbling over to the point you can’t contain it anymore, I’ll leave you with a short preview. (FYI: If you pre-order their album, you can download these tracks instantly).



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big data2

*Fair warning: this video is probably NSFW.

For a long time, I was obsessed with music videos. One of the first CDs I ever bought was a RHCP greatest hit combo album that came with a DVD of music videos. Fan-freaking-tastic. Although nowadays I don’t get around to seeing them all that often, on occasion I stumble upon a music video that just tickles me pink. One of these is “Dangerous” by Big Data featuring Joywave.

If you haven’t heard this song before, just for fun, let’s play a game. Listen to it once without watching the video and try to imagine what it would be like. Then, watch the link below to see how freaking far off you are. I know I sure as hell was. It was a hilariously unexpected treat.

If you’re looking for another cool music video, check out my Alt-J review or go straight to their Breezblocks music videoIt’s also one of the best I’ve seen in a long while.


There’s a new song from DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979


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DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 are one of my favorite bands.

Their sole LP YOU’RE A WOMAN, I’M A MACHINE is in my top 10 favorite albums.

They got back together in 2011 for a festival tour and I missed them.

They made a new album. It comes out September 9th.


I am beyond stoked.

Here’s the first new song.