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Gossamer by Passion PitI had to do a few hours of road tripping this weekend for a photography gig and I ended up driving a friends car. In what is a music challenging problem, her car had no auxiliary input so I had to find some CD’s to bring. Unfortunately all my CD’s except for a few are still in a box at my parents’ house cause I never got the when I moved since I’ve been mostly streaming my jams these days.

So I ended up grabbing two CD’s that came with the vinyl versions of some albums I’d purchased recently. One of which was the new album by Passion Pit GOSSAMER.

We ended up listening to it once on the way there and once on the way back.

While my favorite song on the album is Carried Away, cause it’s the catchiest, the song that I’ve been gravitating to on recent listens is Cry Like A Ghost.

While devoid of pretty much all of the crunch and fuzz that I usually enjoy, but I love me some Passion Pit. They got pop chops if you will.

I like that there are multiple time signatures floating around through this one, with a sort of R&B element in parts, and then the big chorus. I also like that this song is pretty much about the sort of failing relationships that people I know tend to frequent. Bad choices and worse choices.

The song takes about 18 seconds to bubble fully into existence, with some sound effects that remind me of the sound of tapes rewinding, which I’m pretty sure is the full intent given the nature of the lyrics and the video for the song.

At 38 seconds the synth line goes from full sexy bass, to an isolated wail that sounds like a cry out for help before the lyrics come in.

It’s honestly a pretty depressing song lyrically, which a whole lot of Gossamer is, but it’s just so good at making you want to blast the volume and gyrate various body parts that it takes a while for that to sink in. When he sings SYLVIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, you want to sing along and you can’t help it.