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Song of the Day – WED 4/17

INDICUD came out yesterday, early because of a leak. Expect a review later after I let it simmer some more. Aside from the singles we’ve already heard for a few months now, “Cold Blooded” is the one track that jumped out at me first listen.

I forgot to pre-order this one, my fault, so I went to order it online but stopped myself right before I hit order! I’m so used to stores not carrying the music I listen to that I automatically went online to buy it. Ended up going to best buy instead.

[ Scott Mescudi, Kid Cudi, King Wizard, WZRD, Cudi the Kid, Mr. Solo Dolo, The Lonely Stoner, or the Super Duper Cudi ]

Here he is, in gold-framed glory.

– Froyd