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janelle monae's the archandroidSo Janelle Monae’s musical output thus far has been an EP Metropolis: The Chase Suite, and an LP The Archandroid. They’re a three suite concept album about a dystopian future and love between androids. It’s also amazingly good and ambitiously unlike most of what you’ve listened too. Cause the sci fi trappings generally aren’t mixed with soul-esque music, and it’s one of the things that makes her so unique as an artist.

That and she’s damn good.

It’s so good that even though there’s no swirling walls of guitar feedback anywhere in sight, I own a copy of The Archandroid.

It’s hard for me to really tell you much about the album as a whole, besides that it’s super good, cause well, I’m not super well versed in the genre. Actually saying “genre” is a bit pigeonholing, cause she covers a ton of ground on the record, a whole lot of different styles.

So I present to you the song Tightrope.

Also: She has better hair than anyone else in the music industry.