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The Killing Joke have been playing music together for over thirty years.

I really like their self titled first album.

It’s got a really interesting mix of synthesizers, British dudes, jagged metallic guitars, and its production sounds of the time period, which gives it a distinct older sounding quality that gives it a distinct quality in this day n’ age.

What’s interesting about it, is that it’s not quite punk, cause the tempos many of songs are slower, and it’s not quite 80’s metal either. It’s unique sounding, but still has a very definite gloominess to it.

So I present Requiem, the opening track.

Also something that I’ve noticed, parts the song I’m Mad off of the 2nd Dead Weather album Sea of Cowards, bear a striking resemblance to the the Change on Killing Joke. Just a random observation, but the main riffs are pretty much the same.