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This band from London, Bastille, is definitely my guilty pleasure band. They are nothing like anything else I listen to and if you knew me, you wouldn’t think I would be caught dead listening to this.

I clicked on this youtube video  because of the image. I instantly fell in love with the sound and oddly enough, his voice. I don’t normally acknowledge a singers voice/lyrics until at least the second listen.

Bad Blood

I first heard this song August of last year. After listening to it on repeat for a weeks straight I finally remembered to look and see what album this was off and hopefully find more songs like it. It was a single released on their label, Virgin records. BASTARDS!  The album didn’t come out until months later. I’m actually glad this happened. It built my anticipation up for the album and I was no disappointed.

To sum this band up: great voice & vocal harmonies, synth, pop, 80’s feel. I don’t know dude, just give it a listen. If you dig it, you should check out the album, Bad Blood. They have also released two mixtapes, Other People’s Hearthaches Pt. 1 & 2. They are really great as well.

There once was a man from London.