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horehoundEveryone pretty much likes The White Stripes. Seeing them at Bonnaroo 2007 was one of the best live shows I’ve even been too.

Jack White‘s a fuckin cool dude. Probably too cool for his, and our own good. Like I don’t think normal people can hang out with him. He seems just too heightened, to inaccessible for the average dude guy. He’s probably insane.

The Raconteurs are pretty rad, but I think that The Dead Weather are my favorite Jack White related project. On CD at least. It didn’t think they were all that great at Bonnaroo 2010, but I think they’re meant for more intimate settings than the biggest stage at a huge festival.

Jack White plays drums for The Dead Weather and most of the vocal duties are provided by Alison Mosshart from The Kills. And along with the bassist from The Raconteurs and a guitarist from Queens of the Stone Age, they make sweaty, grimy bluesy rock that just fuzzes out with dirty, nasty sex noise.

This is the second song, Hang You From The Heavens, off of their debut album Horehound.

Fuckin’. That’s all this is about. That Bass. That Voice. That Guitar. Oh Man.