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Photo May 10, 23 21 47So last friday night I went to The High Dive here in lovely Gainesvegas to see Kylesa.

Kylesa’s pretty awesome, they’ve got plenty of crunchy guitars, and two drummers, so their rhythm section is awesome. I even got myself a totes sweet ass new shirt from them. It’s black and has some sort of monster skull thing, you know like any good metal shirt should have.

But we’re here to talk about Blood Ceremony. They were one of the opening acts and they were surprisingly good and quite amusing.

They’re a 70’s throwback group that sounds kinda like Black Sabbath.

But you know, with a female vocalist who performs flute solos.

Satan + Flutes = Something special.

It’s one of those acts, that I might not really ever listen to on record, cause I’m not too much into 70’s throwback stuff; but I’d go see them again live in a heartbeat. Their front-woman is quite the entertaining performer. It does take a bit of coaxing to get some angry metal dudes to get excited for flutes, but she’s got the right Ozzy-esque sense of showmanship that she pulls it off.

They put on a good show.