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Far-Cry-3-Blood-Dragon-SoundtrackSo I’ve purchased four albums in the last week.

Mostly cause I’ve been a bit too loose with my spending money.

But who cares, music is awesome.

One of the four was the official soundtrack to the newly released game FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON.

It was done by Power Glove, and I’m pretty sure the some of the best 80’s throwback sounds you’ll ever hear. EVER.

The game is set in the far off future year of 2007, and is a goofy 80’s pastiche of explosions, neon pink, and shenanigans. The soundtrack is like a melting pot of every 80’s soundtrack choice ever. It’s wonderful and goes great as a companion piece to last years Themes From an Imaginary Film by Symmetry.

This first song is the game’s main theme and it’s awesome.

this next song is also awesome.

I can’t say much about the album except that pretty much every aspect of it is wonderful. It’s got giant echo drums and some of the catchiest music cues found on almost any soundtrack.

It’s fucking awesome.

I love 80’s soundtracks and this is easily on par with the best of them. While the game itself is tongue in cheek, the music is pure greatness. You get to feel like a real badass cyber-commando when you drive with this blaring out your car windows. Some of the tracks even have that metal clangyness to them to really give you the feeling of hearing unused music from The Terminator. It’s wonderful.

Here’s the trailer for the game itself so you can get an idea of the tone.

Also pretty much all of Power Glove’s music is awesome. It’s all essentially theme songs to fake movies and games from the 80’s.