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222078-wake1WARNING: not for the

It’s not often that I become instantly enamored with things other than music.

Today was one of those instances.

I just bought a game, Alan Wake, on Steam. They were having an incredible sale. As soon as the game started, I fell in love; the mood, the narration, the store, the music, the graphics. Everything was perfect.

The reason why I’m writing about this game is not the game itself, but a song. This song began to play after I turned on a radio inside an abandoned shed in the middle of nowhere. This song is a perfect example of the feeling of this game. I sat there and just listened. It magnified the ambiance tenfold.

Up Jumped the Devil by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. To explain the song without you listening to it would be difficult and best described as gothic ragtime new wave alt rock. Yea, I know, doesn’t make any sense.

O My O My
What a wretched life
I was born on the day
That my poor mother died
I was cut from her belly
With a stanley knife
My daddy did a jig
With the drunk midwife

Just listen, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.