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ZIGGENS-pomona_lisa_smallIf “cowpunksurfabilly” were a thing, The Ziggens would be the only one cool enough to sport that label. They’re most famous in the popular world for “Big Salty Tears” covered by Brad Nowell of Sublime and the line “Smoked cigarettestil the day she died!” sampled in the Sublime cover song, “Smoke Two Joints”.

The core of this band is a 60’s surf band. They’ve done a lot of hybrid surf-country songs, and some joke songs, but today I just want to share surf rock; the kind of surf rock that slaps you in the face and then refuses to apologize, but then takes you out for ice cream at the beach… and then dumps kelp on your head.

I couldn’t just post one song. One is an instrumental, one is not.

Reverb, Froyd out.