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modern vampires of the citySo as much as I love me some crunch and some ear splitting, head banging noise, I also love the shit outta Vampire Weekend.

I purchased their newest album Modern Vampires of the City on its release day as a blind buy. I didn’t even want to listen to any of the new singles, cause I wanted to hear the album as a whole. Cause that’s how I do.

It’s an immensely satisfying album. It’s a tad slower and softer and a bit different at times, but so far I’ve been quite taken with it for the past few weeks.

I really like the song Unbelievers. It’s the second song on the album, coming after a slower ballad of an opener, and starting off a string of three great songs. It’s followed by Step and Diane Young. The later of which shows Vampire Weekend starting to get little bit weirder, while still remaining as catchy as ever.

Here’s Unbelievers.