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Alrighty kids, here we are for another interesting mix of sounds, this time with strange cinematic connections!

I was perusing the interwebs recently and ran across a SPIN article of 20 wack rappers with dope albums and figured that’d be my jam. Or at least it’d be kinda amusing.

I’d never heard of the early 90’s rap outfit Dream Warriors before. Mostly cause I’m not a huge hip hop aficionado, and don’t do to much researching into the classical periods of the genre.

They had one minor hit with the song My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style, which has not only an awesome, unwieldy title, but an awesome recognizable sample.


That’s right kids, it’s the theme song to Austin Powers. Wait no, it’s Soul Bossa Nova by Quincy Jones. Look we all learned something today. Cause until about three days ago I only knew that song from the Austin Powers films.

So the flow of the rap isn’t the greatest, but I find the use of the sample and the whole thing kinda endearing.

But wait, what was that about Freddy Krueger in the the title of this post you ask?

OK so as a huge horror movie fan I can’t hear the words Dream Warriors without this song popping into my head.


It’s the theme song to A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriros by the 80’s hair metal band Dokken.

It’s a classic style music video that uses movie footage to tell it’s own weird alternate universe story. It’s the nightmare scenes of the film with added band members. The band fights off Freddy Krueger with the power of guitar solos and big hair. It’s fucking awesome in the most 80’s-tastic way.

Sing along:


So there you have it. Two songs that I find tangentially related enough to be amusing.

Isn’t that mostly what posting songs on the internet is about anyways?