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So The Mountain Goats are pretty much great.

John Darnielle is a great songwriter/storyteller.

Tonight I got to see them perform for the 4th time; I think for the first time not as a Darnielle solo show. There was a bassist, Peter Hughes. Made the music even better.

The Mountain Goats back catalog is intimidating to say the least.

I’ve never gotten to hear them play this song live, but it’s my favorite.

It was the first song of theirs I heard, back in the day on 100.5 The Buzz, during that sweet couple of years in the mid aughts when Gainesville had a decent enough radio station.

The song is Palcmorder Yajna, off of the record We Shall All Be Healed, and I have a vaguely embarrassing story associated with it.

So I’m never good at meeting famous people, or even marginally famous people. Most of the time I’m nervous and like “Hey you’re really cool” and then mumble some stuff and walk off. After his solo show at the 1982 venue back in 2011, John Darnielle was letting people ask him stuff. So I asked what “Palmcorder Yanja” meant.

In case you missed that I asked the title incorrectly. He corrected me on the pronunciation, and I made myself look stupid in front of a dude who’s much cooler than I. Just one of life’s small embarrassing moments, but one that’s stuck.

Though tonight he told me that my Early Man shirt was cool, so maybe in the long run, things even out.