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Current obsession: Austin Peralta.

Like most of my recent infatuations, I get so into the music that I don’t spend time to sit down and educate myself about the artist. This is a perfect example. I’ve been slacking on this blog for about a week now and felt this was the perfect opportunity to end that!

I was introduced to him by a friend last week and I haven’t torn myself away! What I do know about this artist now is that he is the only jazz artist I’ve heard in the last year or so that has gotten me excited like the first time I heard Bill Evans. A young prodigy, he died young at only 22. What’s left are his four albums and plenty of live performances via youtube.

I present the intro and the opening track to his last album, Endless Planets.

Without hearing what Austin sounds like, the opening track might leave you a little confused or unsure of what you expect from this album: a noir style tribute to Coltrane and Evans with a seemingly never-ending apex. The songs that follow are a big slap in the face with a faint image of him laughing at you for thinking you knew what you were getting yourself into.