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Love Songs For Our HusbandsFuture of The Left is at any given time in my top three favorite bands on this here planet Earth. They’re number two on the list of bands I want to see live, right behind My Bloody Valentine (because I hear their concerts are so loud they can make you puke ((which I’ve also heard about Slayer (which is awesome))).

FOTL is the current band of McLusky frontman Andrew Falkous, who is probably a super awesome dude, and one of the few guys in bands I like who I’d actually like to meet in person. McLusky, if you’re unaware are totally awesome, and FOTL’s newest EP is a bit reminiscent of their sound.

Usually FOTL songs have a pretty big part of their sound provided by loud, jagged synthesizer, but the four songs on their new EP, Love Songs For Our Husbands, seem to be straight guitar crunch to me. It’s fours songs, ten mintutes long and full of quality. I got the 7 inch vinyl of it in the mail yesterday and promptly put it on the turntable.

Opener The Male Gaze opens on a big riff, that slowly builds into a catchy midtempo chorus. It’s big and punchy. I like it.

The second song, Perpetual Motives, is two minutes and very very punk sounding.   Falkous is easily one of my favorite lyricists, he writes lyrics that are frequently angry, scathing, and hilarious, frequently at the same time. It took me a few listens to realize that the opening of Perpetual Motives goes like this:

I took a call from a friendly spy/ who tried to sell me a parachute as I fell towards the Earth/ he would fly in immediately/ Deposit it in my eager hands and file a warranty/ I admit I was tempted but I’ve never rushed into anything and wouldn’t like to start while hanging in mid air…

The Bisexuality of Distance has a fucking killer bass line. It kills. Which I guess is implied by calling it killer, but dang, it repeats the whole song and stays badass the whole time. And somehow this song is probably the catchiest on the EP. This song would be great live.

Closer An Idiot’s Idea of Ireland, made me laugh out loud the first time I listened to it. It’s a biting little song.

Since the EP just came out less than a week ago none of it is streaming online yet, so I’ll just have to link to a few other songs from Future of The Left and say that Love Songs for Our Husbands gets a hearty recommendation.

It’s a badass 10 minutes of rock.

So here’s some Future of The Left so you can get a feel for them, cause this is definitely not the last time I’m going to write about them:

This is the song Manchasm off of their first album Curses, as you notice, there’s that synthesizer that I mentioned earlier.

And here is I Am the Least of Your Problems for their record from last year The Plot Against Common Sense. This one’s closer to the feel of the EP.