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The end of July and beginning of August can be hectic for us college town kids. It’s when leases expire, start, or renew. I can attribute lack of posts and attention to the site to this! We moved. Deal with it. We haven’t forgotten about you.

Alas! We’ve returned! Tonight I want to share an electronic artist that was introduced to me two days ago. Scott Hansen creates and produces ambient/downtempo music under the name Tycho. I’ve been listening to his latest album, Dive (2011) a lot in the past two days and I’ve been left very impressed.


This album has created a unique atmosphere for me each listen. The most recent experience was at 5:30am today while driving to work. I can’t tell if it was the street lights blurring by at the same rate as the BPM of the song, or the fact that I had 3 hours of sleep, but I felt at peace.

The album as a whole is a beautiful journey. I can picture myself deep-sea diving in a single man sub into the Mariana Trench and out the other side. It has created a sense of peace that I haven’t achieved since I started listening to similar downtempo artist, Emancipator.

Each song stands up incredibly by themselves, too. This is something that has secured much respect from me; It’s hard for a single ambient song to have audible weight.

This one song has haunted me so much that It’s lingering hook has rented out a place in my head since its first play.

I really like what this artist has going on. It’s the best of what old school ambient has offered in the past, like Biosphere or Steve Roach, but infused with modern downtempo to keep it fresh.  I feel this is the reason why I love him so much. I’ve been pulled in to the different layers that have been melted together.

Side note: Hansen also creates all the art for his music himself. He even creates stand-alone pieces. He designs under the name ISO50. It’s all very beautiful. All of it can be found here!


Here lies, dreams come true.