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Battles_mirroredIt’s pretty obvious that we can all agree that Bohemian Rhapsody is he best song ever.

It’s also pretty obvious that making lists is fun.

So when making the list of my favorite songs, I leave Bohemian Rhapsody off. We all know that it’s the best, so why waste precious list space for something so obvious?

The actual list of my top 10 favorite doesn’t even exist, but if it did, I’m pretty sure that it would be topped by include the song Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues by Mclusky.

Aside from that, somewhere in the top 5 you would find the song Race: In by the band Battles.

Race: In is the opening song off of their 2007 LP Mirrored, which is a pretty amazing album.

It opens with 10 seconds of syncopated rim shots and hi hats.

It builds from there. With a guitar loop, at :20 and a whistle at :30.

Some new sound pops up almost every ten seconds following, forming loops that start and stop, and weave together.

At 1:30 the guitars roll in with more drums and the song begins its second phase, rolling out its main idea.

Until 2:10 when the first human voice makes itself known. Most of the instruments back away for a second, as a chorus of “hum” comes through, building, falling, as the song comes back into form and everything cascades all over the place.

There’s a huge array of wild sounds lurking in almost every part of this song, strange little bits of noise that it takes many listens to find, let alone truly understand.

It’s precision chaos. 

I fucking love it.