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hearts like oursThe Naked and Famous are a pretty cool band.

Their main focus seems to be making big sounds. Big poppy sounds, that are sometimes at once noisy and beautiful. They have a whole bunch of really cool music videos from their first LP Passive Me, Aggressive You. The one for No Way has a ton of cool slow motion (glass and samurai swords!!!) and Young Blood is a pretty great song, the sort of song that’s perfect for me when it’s time to dance (also known as when I’ve been drinking).

I’d love to have a chance to see them live in an inside venue. I had a chance last year when I was in Miami, but couldn’t get my friends rallied enough to have anyone go with me. I’m pretty sure I missed something awesome.

But the reason we’re here today is their new single Hearts Like Ours. It is off of their forthcoming sophomore album In Rolling Waves. It’s got this big pop vocal hook and nice searing guitar chunkets, and if it’s indicative of the quality of the songs on the album I’m sure to be pleased.

After listening to this song like four times in trying to figure out what I wanted to write about this evening, I have to say that I’m super stoked to hear the new album. (sorry about the ad, I couldn’t get the vimeo embed to work (sadface))