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It’s incredibly rare that I feel it ever necessary to endorse or draw attention to a remix, but in the case of Kavinsky‘s Odd Look, I can afford myself the leisure.

This particular remix of Odd Look off of the brilliant album “Outrun” doesn’t do anything at all to alter the main theme or hook of Kavinsky’s neo-80’s enthralling style, but it does add  The Weeknd‘s beyond soulful falsetto, finding it’s patterns delicately married to Kavinsky’s timely synth. From start to finish, this track manages to just shed pure bliss in every direction, a true synthesis of sound that raises the bar as to what a remix should be.

And I suppose that a fair, if not completely valid postulation would read; what should a remix do? A truly outstanding remix is the art of production in motion, of taking two sometimes divergent songs and combining them to make something more.  This remix exemplifies a sort of  trans-musical harmony, augmenting both artist’s outstanding talents and creating something entirely new. But there’s a bevy of remixes that simply fail. There really isn’t any room for mediocrity in the realm of remixes, it either is, or it isn’t successful.

Of course there’s divergent thoughts as to what the intent of a remix should be. Remixes intents are also important, some seek to augment the original track, some to deconstruct, others add-on to the original theme. But a BPM drop, some minimalist inclusion of additional instruments/lyrics/effects/movie lines used ironically does not a good remix make.

This one though? It’s a damn good one. And well worth your time.