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I’ve always had a hard time coming up with “top #” lists for music related things. This is my first actual attempt at a list for my top 5 favorite bands of all time.

The first band is obvious to me, and to anyone that has talked to me for more than 10 seconds; the rest of the list is really muddy and not necessarily in order.

I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible. I plan on having more posts on each of these bands in the future.


1. The Alkaline Trio






I fell in love with this band in high school and I’ve never looked back.

Favorite Album: Good Mourning
Favorite Song: Warbrain
Times Seen Live: 10+


2. Sublime






Another high school band. This band really hit it well for me when I really got into reggae but couldn’t handle the roots music.

Favorite Album: Second-Hand Smoke
Favorite Song: Get Out
Times Seen Live: 0 😦


3. Murder By Death






I’m in love with this band for so many reasons. They have changed a lot since their inception. Much like my aging tastes in music, they seem to run perfectly parallel.

Favorite Album: Red of Tooth and Claw
Favorite Song: Brother
Times Seen Live: 2


4. Old 97’s






This was the first band that introduced me to Alternative-Country. Yes, this is a thing.

Favorite Album: Too Far to Care
Favorite Song: Won’t Be Home
Times Seen Live: 0


5. The Misfits







This band is an institution. 

Favorite Album: Static Age
Favorite Song: Astro Zombies
Times Seen Live: 1 (Post Danzig & Graves)