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So while I like me some loud music I’m not super fond of a lot of metal, cause like most genres of music, there’s a tons of it that’s no good. There are a few specific sounds and textures that I like and not a whole ton of bands sound like I like.

But I love me the shit outta HIGH ON FIRE.

surrounded-by-thievesThey pummel.

The rage.

They riff like kings.

They’re the thing I imagine when people throw devil horns.

Their songs aren’t about cheesy guitar solos and flash, they’re about rumbling power crushing mountains and destroying civilizations with wicked barbarian fury. Or maybe Satanic stuff being all malevolent in dark places untold. Or maybe like I don’t know evil wizards or something.

Alright I really don’t know what most of their music is about, but I do know that frontman Matt Pike is the best.

Their album Surrounded by Thieves is one of my favorites, possibly my favorite metal album.

So I present to you, Speedwolf the third track off of that record.

Try not to get goo on your keyboard for when your face melts at the 30 second mark when the full band comes in, and everything is all drums and fury and fuckin’ wicked cool awesome shit. (Make sure your volume is up pretty high, cause this record is mixed for the low rumbly feel)