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Vic_23A_0067If you listen to ska, you have probably heard of the band The Slackers. They are just about as groovy as you can get with this genre. I’m a huge fan of them and when I was introduced to the lead singer’s solo albums, I was blown away.

The first song by Vic Ruggiero I heard was in disbelief. Or at least I had no idea this was the same guy from this awesome ska band. It hit me like a brick and I was immediately in love with this different universe the music existed in, yet it was the same man. What makes Vic’s solo stuff so unique is that his Bronx roots really begin to shine. I love his raw voice and accent, the 50-60’s musical stylings, and of course his appreciation of keys and harmonica.

This is that first song I heard. It’s from the full length, Something In My Blindspot. I had just ended a very strange romance and this song really hit all the main points.


This other song is from his stripped down album, Alive at the Ladybug House. This entire album is Vic in his rawest form; acoustic and pure.


I really feel that if you have an appreciation for blues or ska, you will love this man.

Do you remember?