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fetchI’m not sure why I first went to a Melt Banana (Mxbx) concert, back in 2007. It was either my friend Matt, or my friend Richard who got me there. But I went, there were a ton of deafening noises, a guy with a medical face mask, a lady who sung like a chipmunk on helium, and everything was amazeballs. I’ve seen them two or three more times since then.

When my friends make fun of my music taste (also known as when they’re being wrong (and dumb (the tasteless losers that they are))) they’re usually referencing my affinity for Melt Banana.

Melt Banana requires a specific audio palette you might say. They’re loud. And wacky. And then more loud. Hyper. Loud. Unique. Truly special.


They just released a new album this week, called Fetch. I just listened to it for the first time. It’s great. Like holy shit, I can’t believe that after being a band for 20 years they’re still putting out such interesting and amazing sounding sounds that make me smile (especially as a noise rock band (cause after a while those guys sometimes just get waaaaay too experimental).

So yeah, Fetch is really good and actually a pretty decent place to jump into the MxBx discography. It’s not as straight wall of noise as some of their earlier work, some longer songs, and a good decent amount of music-ness to a lot of it.

This song The Hive is the only one I could find online at the moment cause the album came out yesterday

Opener Candy Gun, starts off with some quite nosies, a high pitched ringing and ocean waves, the closest MxBx has ever been to relaxing. Some subdued bass, and some swirling noise for a bit, at about 1:25 you get some drums, and the song proceeds as a noisy, but not unpleasant. At 2:43 things change to a noise freakout, with hyper drum machine kicks pounding, while everything comes flies at your ears with a candy coated sheen.

That’s a good way to describe the sounds of Fetch. Candy Coated Noise. There’s a bright, colorful poppy sheen to a whole lot of it. Hyper energetic, caffeinated, full of noodling riffs that shapeshift into crazy swirls. All backed by front-woman Yasuko ‘Yako’ Onuki’s chirping vocals and Guitarist Ichiro Agata’s many elements of noise. The song Infection Detective is downright enthusiastically happy sounding for this sort of thing.

Zero+ has an animal noises and nature sounds interlude.

Lie Lied Lies has super great riffs.

It’s super rare that I’m this enthusiastic about an album after only one listen. The last one I can remember immediately listening to a second time, like I just did with this one, was Future of the Left’s Travels With Myself and Another from 2009.

The closing song Zero (a different song than Zero+) is fluttery layered, and almost sounds like a bubbly pop song at times. It’s got a groove that you might even call DANCEABLE.

It’s wonderful, and I love it, and I want to listen to it again.

And Again.


Here’s another of my favorite Melt Banana songs from a previou album, so ya’ll can get a better taste. 

First you get Shield for Your Eyes, A Beast in the Well on Your Hand, the second song off of their albumIt has an absolutely killer bass line, and a pretty sweet guitar part. On my list of favorite songs.