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Music Midtown FestivalAs you guys have no doubt noticed, we’re super timely and punctual with our posts around here.

Which is why I’m gonna ramble on about a music festival I went to about about a month ago. In September I traveled to the far away land of Atlanta to attend the Music Midtown Fest. It was a decent two day festival, with a pretty good lineup, and besides the fact that it rained for almost the entire second day I had a swell time.

The first day for me, was a slower day, there were really only three acts I was interested in. Jane’s Addiction, who I’d seen back in 2009 in New Orleans, Cake, who I saw back in 2011 at the House of Blues, and 2 Chainz.

Now I’s never listened to 2 Chainz before, I only knew of him as he is generally regarded as one of rap music’s most influential modern stars. For you see, he is the very first rapper to wear more than one chain at a time.

Hence his stage name.

Now I have to admit that my initial enthusiasm for Mr. Chainz was probably closer to douchey ironic hipster enthusiasm than I’d have liked, but have to give credit where credit is due, the man puts on a pretty amusing show. While I’ll never be a huge fan of his work, nor probably actually listen to his music, I was entertained a great deal.

What really did it for me was his tendency to yell his name during most, and after almost every song. Most of his songs would end wit some sort of crashing sound effect and he would promptly shout 2 CHAAAAAIIIIIIIINZ.


What started out as goofy turned quickly into a my favorite part.

Now musically Mr. Chainz might not have the best flow, but he makes up for it by rapping earnestly about the things he knows. Things like his love of strippers, women with large buttocks, drugs, cash, Gucci apparel various other things.

My favorite song of the set was I Luv Dem Strippers a song with a wonderful hook. You just yell “Yeah, I Love Them Strippers” a whole bunch of times.  Unfortunately it features Nicki Minaj on the album version. She annoys the shit outta me.

Which brings us to another of Chainz’ hit songs Birthday Song. It’s a little ditty (or when you’re talking about rap is it called a diddy? (I’m really sorry for that)) about celebrating his birthday and what he wants for the occasion.

Much like I Luv Dem Strippers the hook for Birthday Song is anthemic in its yell-able qualities.

“All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho.”

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t identify with that sentiment.

We then come to what might be the best rap lyric this since Heems said “YEAH I’M FUCKIN GREAT AT RAPPIN’“:

She gotta big booty so I call her Big Booty.”


During his set 2 Chainz told the crowd that everyone at the show were from that point onward, best friends for life. So I’m best friends with 2 Chainz and if you’re gonna dis him, I’ll have his back. Even though he doesn’t return my calls.