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The Front Bottoms

If there were a hipster-meter, I’ll admit that I’d probably fall somewhere on the conservative side of the spectrum. But even I have my moments. And so today I bring to you The Front Bottoms.

They sing quirky lyrics in that not-trying-to-sing-well style and at some point, I swear, it’s just a dude hammering away at a cowbell while the other strains out some words recorded in what I can only guess was someone’s basement or garage. So even though I am somewhat picky with my “hipster” music, these guys just, I don’t know, do it for me. They’re high energy and manage to layer in complexities, so it’s not just a singer with a cowbell (fear not!) and of course, some songs are stronger than others, but isn’t that the case with most bands? Plus, I actually really enjoy their lyrics because they’re entertaining – that in itself is refreshing and probably the biggest reason they caught my attention. Granted I have to be in a fairly specific mood to listen to these guys, when I do get in that mood, they’re a really great fit. So, if you’re currently in the mood to try out something a little weird, a little ironic, a little outside your normal repertoire, I invite you to check out these guys. A few of my favorites are below:


Legit Tattoo Gun:


Hey look! I found the full album:

Go get your weird on, kids!