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Halloween is the best holiday. If not for the candy, movies, or parties, then make it about the music!

Appearing on a 7 inch, Halloween and Halloween II make up one of my favorite pieces of Misfits history. Both versions are incredible but II is my favorite.


I can’t figure out what exactly the producer did, or if Glenn had anything to do with it, but the mixing on this version makes for a completely different sound. This seems like Glenn Danzig foreshadowing towards his later projects Samhain and then eventually Danzig.

It also helps that the verses are entirely in Latin:

Formulae ueteres exorsismorum et excommunicationum
Strigas et fictos lupos credere

Daemon pellem lupinam
In trunco quodam cauae
Arboris occultandum

Metamorphoses lycanthropie
Possunt inquam
Metamorphoses lycanthropie
Possunt inquam


“ancient formulas of exorcisms and excommunications
That witches and those made wolves believe
I maim now the demon clothed in wolfskin
Having to hide in the hollow of a tree
I believe that they so can be changed

I present two gifts from this legendary punk band and a few excellent covers.

And now for the covers!