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Miguel- Adorn MV  Adorn just passed its year long anniversary over three months ago, yet it remains this profoundly monolithic electro soul triumph that has lingered since this writer first heard it.

All boasting aside, the single most noticeable aspect of this track is just how dangerously close this song’s thumping back bass ends up propelling the entire song into a profoundly surreal mesh of Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Crystal Castles. If you don’t think that trio would work, well, I have audible proof in this  gem that says otherwise.

There’s a lot of minimized synths at work here, and while I prefer usually more brazen 808‘s and diverse time changes, this is isn’t about such fantastic measures. This song is partly about communicating a dreamscape, and it’s intensely static boundaries help focus the listener to Miguel’s sultry voice.

For every movement, for every passage, this even tempered song is highlighted by Miguel’s falsetto voice the most, his signature keening whoops turning him into crooning swooping prophet singing of feminine unadulterated praise and devotion. And for all of it’s lyrical simplicity, Miguel’s boundless range and dedicated sincerity thwarts most cynical claims. There is nothing but sheer artistry to be found in his voice, and in regards to how those talents are utilized, well, he’s no Frank Ocean (no one could ever be Frank Ocean, ever) but he’s in some ways a Prince for the new generation, and yeah he can’t be his royal badness either. But maybe that the most appealing part of this song, of it’s album Kaleidoscope Dream as well, it’s potential, bristling cosmic pop potential that deserves to be heard.