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WeirdScienceHere’s a quickie post for ya’ll cause we’ve been really bad this month.

A few days ago my roommate and a friend of ours were watching Ghostbusters and I caught the last 10 minutes or so and began to lament the lack of quality theme songs from modern movies.

I think there’s been like one quality movie theme song in the last decade and I can’t even remember it off the top of my head. The last prominent one I can remember is from Will Smith’s Wild Wild West back in ’99.

So today we’ll go back to the golden age of theme songs, the 1980’s.

I present to you Weird Science by Oingo Boingo.

I haven’t seen the movie in probably like 10 years but I know I love this song. It’s got a whole ton of different little hooks. There’s a great synth horns line, an awesome bass part, and a good vocal hook. Wonderful.

It’s the final song on the album Dead Man’s Party, one of two Oingo Boingo albums that I own. That and their first record, Only a Lad.

I this is gonna be stuck in my head all day.