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So like five days ago Badass Digest (one of my favorite sites on the internet) turned me onto this song called I Only Fucked You As a Joke.

It’s a tiny, crunchy little punk song. It’s fucking hilarious. I went on their Bandcamp page to listen to their mini album It’s a Girl, which is a pretty fun chunk of punk rock with a pretty healthy dose of angry girl attitude.

It’s got a healthy feminist slant that’s funny and caustic throughout.

“Oooooh Baby. I can’t make good decisions every day!”

That’s pretty much the best lyric.

Other highlights include How Do Girls Even Do It?, which is another hilarious one with its shouts of “I’ll tell you later!” and Will You Be My Mom?.

I was about to buy the digital download on Bandcamp when I saw they had an alternative purchase link for cassette tapes. I clicked it just cause I was wondering how much they were. It was a penny less than the digital download.

I bought one. I bought one, cause I like owning physical objects that represent the music I listen too. It’s supposed to come with a download code for the digital files anyway. Which since most of my music comes out of my phone when it’s plugged into my car, is what really matters anyway.

Tapes have been making this sort of weird comeback in recent years. It’s like a strange music kid, hipster thing that I don’t fully understand. I understand vinyl. Vinyl are cool. They’re big, the artwork is cool, and if you’ve got a decent setup the sound quality can be really great. Tapes on the other hand are generally pretty shitty.

But I guess that’s kinda the point, it’s like this useless thing that people can drop money on, something less than a t-shirt or a record, but still a tiny souvenir that’s cooler than a pin or sticker.

I guess I can also play it  next time I drive down to Haines City and visit my friend who’s still got a tape player in her car.