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Sabotage is my jam.

Probably my favorite song from The Beastie Boys. Getting to see the Beasties live at Bonnaroo back in 2009 with two of my best friends in the world is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me.

The video for it is famous. It’s a wonderful pastiche of 70’s cop show stuff and has wonderful mustaches.

That was wonderful right?!

But today we’re here to talk about some other interesting moments. Namely interesting moments in Sabotage covers.

Dewey Cox as you may know is a world famous country singer, who had a career full of hit songs, and dramatic ups and downs. His life was documented in the 2007 dramatic bio-pic Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story in which he was portrayed by the prodigious John C. Reilly. He’s been one of my favorite musicians ever since, his influence on many a genre is legendary.

Even though the sound quality isn’t the best on this one it’s interesting to hear the country tinge, and even a riff from another song work its way in.

Classic Dewey.

But here’s an even stranger cover. This time by the J-Pop Idol Band Dempagumi IncPerformed by six Japanese women, to an electronic pop version of the song, with every other line being sung by a different lady whose first language is not English, it’s kinda strange.

Kinda super great too.

As the hip kids of the street say these days “Shit’s Cray.”