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I think if you had to name my two favorite music genres they would be Noise Rock and Synthpop.

They’re kinda at opposite ends of the sound spectrum, but that’s ok, I can like Lightning Bolt and Passion Pit for different reasons.

Today’s song is called Ambitions and is from the Norwegian group Donkeyboy off of their debut album Caught in a Life, which is pretty good. I know when most people think Norway they think Thor, Trolls, Black Metal, or Fjords, but Scandinavia also produces some quality electropop.

Ambitions is a phenomenal single and it has been stuck in my head for about a week.

I can’t tolerate
The feelings that I feel when I feel
But don’t you know?
Some feelings never seem to let go

From the male singer’s amazing falsetto to the totally 80’s style riff, and the female led chorus, I love this song. The arpeggiators that close out the song are probably set on magical.

Also the music video features a totally sweet head spin to rising stand breakdance move.