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deafheaven_sunbatherEvery once in a while you hear a record from a genre that you’re not totally fond of, but manages to just blow you away with it’s scope, creativity, sound and emotional impact.

For me, SUNBATHER by the band DEAFHEAVEN is one of those.

At it’s most basic genre labeling, you’d call it a metal album, possibly black metal if you wanted to get more specific. But it’s really an amazing mix of genres and tones. It goes between metal, shoegaze, and post rock sounds with ease, and denies any niche¬†classification.

Imagine if Explosions In The Sky had a black metal vocalist and you kinda can have a decent impression of what Deafheaven sound like.

It’s an album of seven songs, four of which are giant epics, with three smaller interlude songs between them.

Have you ever been at a concert, and been enveloped by music? Like you close your eyes and it’s loud enough that you can feel the sound not only in your ears, but feel it in the pit of your stomach? Feel it reverberate through your body. You start to move, to sway, to mosh, or to headbang, to add a direct physical feeling to the sounds you’re hearing. The thing about head banging in particular, is that once you start, it sucks to stop, that’s when you get the whiplash feelings and a headache. But while you’re doing it, everything else goes away. You just have to keep going, you let yourself just be free with the movement, you feel the music, become enveloped with it.

Volume and physical feeling.


The natural high you can get from loud music, from sensory overload, is beautiful.

Sunbather is that sort of beautiful.

It envelopes you. Fills you. Like light.

It’s not angry, it’s not darkness, a vacuum of nothingness, it’s a powerful emotive force of sheer feeling.


This is the first song on the album DREAM HOUSE.

It’s fucking great.

Here’s the full album for those of you who can really understand this sort of thing.