RATTLESNAKE by ST VINCENT is a hella good jam


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ImageSt. Vincent got crazy hair this year.

St. Vincent put out her best album this year.

Now I don’t want to be the guy who gets his causation and correlation all mixed up, but hey maybe there’s a connection?

Alright, probably not, but the self titled St. Vincent is a really good album. Every song is a winner. There are more hooks than any of her previous records and it’s easily her most rocking and accessible.

I’m here to talk about the opening song Rattlesnake. It’s the best opening song on any of her records, its got a funky synth line throughout and is more uptempo than Chloe in the Afternoon off of Strange Mercy or The Strangers off of Actor.

I played the song for my dad and he said “This is weird music.”

So that’s a pretty good ringing endorsement in my book.




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fartbarf-crop-smallI’d like to imagine, that at some point in history one of the members of FARTBARF was like six years old and tried to think of the best word combination of all time.

He nailed it.

Fartbarf are a synthpop dance music trio who dress in NASA jump suits and wear caveman masks and remind me of a more dance-able Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Cause like BMSR all their lyrics are sung through a vocoder.

Fartbarf uses a live drummer, and two dudes on synth and make some pretty badass jams.

They just released their debut album DIRTY POWER, which is quite good.

The second song, Panopticon is awesome. Listen to it below.

I’ve listened to Dirty Power like four times in the last week.

Also here’s a video of theirs.



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deafheaven_sunbatherEvery once in a while you hear a record from a genre that you’re not totally fond of, but manages to just blow you away with it’s scope, creativity, sound and emotional impact.

For me, SUNBATHER by the band DEAFHEAVEN is one of those.

At it’s most basic genre labeling, you’d call it a metal album, possibly black metal if you wanted to get more specific. But it’s really an amazing mix of genres and tones. It goes between metal, shoegaze, and post rock sounds with ease, and denies any niche classification.

Imagine if Explosions In The Sky had a black metal vocalist and you kinda can have a decent impression of what Deafheaven sound like.

It’s an album of seven songs, four of which are giant epics, with three smaller interlude songs between them.

Have you ever been at a concert, and been enveloped by music? Like you close your eyes and it’s loud enough that you can feel the sound not only in your ears, but feel it in the pit of your stomach? Feel it reverberate through your body. You start to move, to sway, to mosh, or to headbang, to add a direct physical feeling to the sounds you’re hearing. The thing about head banging in particular, is that once you start, it sucks to stop, that’s when you get the whiplash feelings and a headache. But while you’re doing it, everything else goes away. You just have to keep going, you let yourself just be free with the movement, you feel the music, become enveloped with it.

Volume and physical feeling.


The natural high you can get from loud music, from sensory overload, is beautiful.

Sunbather is that sort of beautiful.

It envelopes you. Fills you. Like light.

It’s not angry, it’s not darkness, a vacuum of nothingness, it’s a powerful emotive force of sheer feeling.


This is the first song on the album DREAM HOUSE.

It’s fucking great.

Here’s the full album for those of you who can really understand this sort of thing.



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This is a new rap song by some group called BUCKWHEAT GROATS.

They’re vulgar.

The song is called TOM HANKS and could very likely take the internet by storm.

At the very least it’s kinda hilarious and has a pretty wonderful video (Favorite detail: Their TV in the video is Versace brand (Other favorite detail: Tom Hanks’ face on other people’s face (The part about TWOOOOO HANKS, which is a subtle nod to one of my best friends))).

This song is going to get filed into my collection of novelty internet rap songs.

(here’s another good oneI GOT IT AT ROSS.)

The place where Thrift Shop should have stayed, before it became a plague upon our ears.

Pure Love


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Hey friends!

Here’s a quickie I wanted to share with you. In a delightfully serendipitous moment, stumbled upon this gem recently when searching for something else, and it tickled my eardrums. So I thought I’d share it with you. Yes, you! Don’t you feel special? Well, you should.

The band is Pure Love, the song is Bury My Bones. It’s catchy and frankly, right up my alley. Here, have a taste. You know you want to…

So if you REALLY enjoyed that, you can get a free download of the song courtesy of the band here! Or if you just wanna learn more about these crazy Brits, go hither. You can check out the rest of their album Anthems there as well. Or if you prefer, here’s the spotify link.

Hope you enjoy and stay funky, you nut-o’s!

AMBITIONS by DONKEYBOY is my new Scandinavian synthpop jam


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I think if you had to name my two favorite music genres they would be Noise Rock and Synthpop.

They’re kinda at opposite ends of the sound spectrum, but that’s ok, I can like Lightning Bolt and Passion Pit for different reasons.

Today’s song is called Ambitions and is from the Norwegian group Donkeyboy off of their debut album Caught in a Life, which is pretty good. I know when most people think Norway they think Thor, Trolls, Black Metal, or Fjords, but Scandinavia also produces some quality electropop.

Ambitions is a phenomenal single and it has been stuck in my head for about a week.

I can’t tolerate
The feelings that I feel when I feel
But don’t you know?
Some feelings never seem to let go

From the male singer’s amazing falsetto to the totally 80’s style riff, and the female led chorus, I love this song. The arpeggiators that close out the song are probably set on magical.

Also the music video features a totally sweet head spin to rising stand breakdance move.

Sabotage, Sabotage and Sabotage


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Sabotage is my jam.

Probably my favorite song from The Beastie Boys. Getting to see the Beasties live at Bonnaroo back in 2009 with two of my best friends in the world is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me.

The video for it is famous. It’s a wonderful pastiche of 70’s cop show stuff and has wonderful mustaches.

That was wonderful right?!

But today we’re here to talk about some other interesting moments. Namely interesting moments in Sabotage covers.

Dewey Cox as you may know is a world famous country singer, who had a career full of hit songs, and dramatic ups and downs. His life was documented in the 2007 dramatic bio-pic Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story in which he was portrayed by the prodigious John C. Reilly. He’s been one of my favorite musicians ever since, his influence on many a genre is legendary.

Even though the sound quality isn’t the best on this one it’s interesting to hear the country tinge, and even a riff from another song work its way in.

Classic Dewey.

But here’s an even stranger cover. This time by the J-Pop Idol Band Dempagumi IncPerformed by six Japanese women, to an electronic pop version of the song, with every other line being sung by a different lady whose first language is not English, it’s kinda strange.

Kinda super great too.

As the hip kids of the street say these days “Shit’s Cray.”